Lil' Bit Of Us

Vision & Philosophy


We believes that pastries, chocolates and wines are an art form. Poetry, art, humor and stylish ingenuity are woven together to create delights  that dazzle, intrigue and shock. Each creation explores a wide range of gustatory olfactory notes in the ideal concentration of its particular conception and composition. MacarOOn Boutique™ is not afraid to break the mold. Like any visionary artist, rules are subverted and confounded. We play with the concept of rupture, a different way of doing things. A MacarOOn Boutique™ pastries, chocolates or wines is a gustatory, olfactory and evocative experience. We know our customers are looking  for something exceptional, something that will make them feel unique and individual as they move through their lives. Pastries, chocolates or wines from MacarOOn Boutique™ are the gustatory, olfactory equivalent of sharing your life with contemporary art, sometimes it can seem challenging and at other times liberating and inspirational. We believe this inventive and independent approach to pastry, chocolate creation and our Exquisite French wines selection allow us to release delights that are not determined by marketing briefs and adherence to trends. We bring our own style and personal vision to bear on translating the finest ingredients, experiences, chance encounters, journeys and  memories into delights. There is delights from MacarOOn Boutique™ for  everyone, it is just a question of deciding which one is right for you, from French Macaroons to Best Chocolate or Our Exquisite Finest Wines Selection. There may be just one, or it may be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with many...